Owner/DJ Ryan started working in Internet Radio at the age of 12 and has had a passion for radio ever since. Working his way up to the owner of a great station he enjoys finding on-air personalities , voice overs and DeeJaying. He is a big fan of Classic Rock And Modern Rock he loves basically every genre and he hope to keep RIFF-RADIO going for as long as possible. 


DJ ALEX is an amazing DJ from Serbia. He is great at doing his shows and he has a great knowledge in 80s music and more. Listen to his show every Friday morning at 6:00 am to start your day. He takes requests and more and we are very lucky to have such a great DJ. He also does many shows unscheduled so check into the chat room every so often because your awesome DJ Alex could be in there taking your requests :D 

Social Network Manger 

The Treubig Talk Show 

Listen to Treubig with his great talk show every Monday and Wednesday! Whether he is talking about Politics , Money , Sports , Viral Youtube Videos or  interviewing a new TV SHOW he puts on a great show and you can also call in at 1-855-TREUBIG and talk with the man himself on air! So tune in to his show every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm EST


DJ SYPHER555 is an great DJ and Youtuber! He has spent much of his time making youtube videos and loves great music. Playing the best music anything from Led Zeppelin to Slipknot tune in to his great show Tuesdays at 7pm he is DJ SYPHER555!


DJ DAN is an amazing DJ and we are so very very happy to have him here at Riff Radio! He is a great DJ and loves all genres! He has many themed shows  and he is great at what he does. He is a huge fan of The Black Keys and Jimi Hendrix. Tune in to his show every Monday at 9pm EST and Thursday at 8pm EST! Listen to his amazing show here on RIFF RADIO! You can also download his great mixes at http://www.mixcrate.com/dandl/


DJ RANDY is an amazing Rock DJ. He loves doing his shows and he is great at it! He is a great Pearl Jam fan and love anything Eddie Vedder. Tune in to his great shows every Tuesdays from 10 - 12 EST and every Thursday from 7 - 8 pm EST 


Bringing you the best Top 40 hits! It is DJ LOGAN! Giving you the best countdown the whole planet! Tune in every Sunday at 8pm EST to hear those tunes you love to dance to!


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